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Experience the thrill and excitement of what the town of Ekinrin Adde in Kogi State have to offer.

Ekinrin adde's Wonder

Oke Akogba or Or'Oke Akogba is one of the natural endowments of Ekinrin-Adde. It is a giant Monolith sitting in a pristine state in the north-west of the community overlooking the town as well as being the source of the mysterious Akogba Spring. Although it's not the only Mountain surrounding this beautiful community, it's arguably the most prominent at an alititude of about 3500 feet(1050m above sea level), This ingenious and glorious intrusion of our community's landscape is among a chain of other mountains to the north of Ekinrin Adde among which are Oroke Kere, Oroke Asi Oroke Kongo and Oroke Ewuta.

Explore Akogba Mountain Hike with us

In commensuration with the new yam festival, June of every year hikers; both natives and non-natives, from different part of Nigeria and abroad come together to explore the beautiful Akogba's landscape.

Growing up in Ekinrin, this was the major source of water those days. We would find the trees with the best branches in form of rope swings and swing through the forest.
Mrs Ebun Adebayo (nee Aribido)
Visitors so far to Akogba Hiking Festival

akogba mountain hike

Join the hike, dance, music and funfair at a celebration which centres on Akogba Mt.

Akogba Mountain HIke

Ekinrin Adde

Monday to Sunday: 7am - 7pm

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